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Dad's Automotive

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Horse-hung daddy Rob Lawrence is the man in charge at "Dad's Automotive". He's a great boss who knows how to keep his employees and customers very happy. Watch as 8 hard-working, blue-collar men take a bit of time off work to get off with each other. REAL MEN. REAL SEX.

Release February 2007, directed by Chris Roma, music by Mark Weigle, running time : 123mins.

Starring Rob Lawrence, Allen Silver, Jack Austin, Erik Hall, Spike Daddy, Jack Sullivan, Mick Edwards and Patrick O'Connor.


Rob Lawrence and Allen Silver

Rob's day begins with opening up the auto shop and grabbing a cup of coffee. He says good morning to Allen Silver and then Allen sneaks off to jerk off thinking about his boss's massive dick. Rob spies Allen with his cock in hand and decides to take some time swapping fucks with his hot employee before they get to work.

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Jack Austin and Erik Hall

Jack is working hard under a truck when randy bottom Erik starts trying to stir up some trouble with him. It doesn't take much convincing to get Jack to pull out his fat dick. Jack loves talking dirty and prying open tight holes with his fat tool and Erik is more than happy to be worked over.

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Spike Daddy, Jack Sullivan and Rob Lawrence

Rob goes out on his lunch break, but doesn't get very far before he cruises construction workers Spike and Jack loading some tools into a freight elevator. Jack sees that Rob could use a hand with his hefty dick so they invite him up for a hot man-on-man-on-man break.

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Mick Edwards and Erik Hall

Mick is opening the hood of a car he's working on as Erik... who likes to play more than he likes to work... comes over to see if he can get some action from big-dicked Mick. Mick gets Erik to drop his pants so he can inspect his furry butt, which he proceeds to rim and fuck real good. 

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Patrick O'Connor, Rob Lawrence and Jack Austin

Cute Patrick brings in his car to be worked on. He asks Jack where the bathroom is and then sees Rob taking a leak. He's more than a little eager to get his mouth around Rob's dick after he sees it. Patrick and Rob start going at it then Jack joins in. Patrick is overwhelmed with all the daddy dick he's gettin' at Dad's Automotive. He'll definitely come back for more.

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