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Suited For Action

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Pantheon's newest movie Real Men Volume 27: Suited For Action has 4 sexy daddies and 3 hungry boys suited up and ready for action!  These silver dads roll up their sleeves and get to business with three hot boys until they are all blowing their wads.

Directed by Chris Roma

Running Time: 137 minutes

Release Date: November 12, 2013

Starring Luciano, Billy Jackson, Jordan Garrison, Lee Silver, Jake Shores, Cayce Nash and Theo Devair.


Luciano and Billy Jackson

Daddy Luciano gets to his hotel room on a steamy, wet day and all he can think of is a cold drink with the air condition blasting. But when the young man delivering the ice gets to his room, Luciano has other ideas of where to put those cold, wet cubes and his hard, hot cock. Billy is right there with him, eagerly taking his huge meat until they spray their juices. 

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Jordan Garrison and Lee Silver

After a long day at the office, suit daddies Lee Silver and Jordan Garrison just need a little time to blow off some steam. So when they catch each other's eye on the street, they get right to it and get each other's daddy cocks rock hard. Jordan works Lee into a lather as he prepares to fuck his juicy hole. These two fuck the day away and you know they fuck some more that night! 

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Jake Shores and Cayce Nash

When daddy Jake Shores gets home from work he needs a cold beer, his sleeves rolled up and a big black dick in his hole. He gets all of that when his boy Cayce comes over and fucks him long and deep with his huge 9" piece of meat. And then when these two men shoot, it's a fountain full of cum! 

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Jordan Garrison

There is something about the way hung, blue-eyed suit daddy Jordan works his cock. You can just sense his whole being moving toward his fat, juicy meat. He squeezes it and slides his wet hands over it and you can imagine it growing inside your waiting hole. That's what he's imagining too and soon you both are gonna have what you want. 

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Luciano and Theo Devair

A chance passing outside his room, a quick glance from a shirtless boy and a growing bulge in his suit pants sends hot daddy Luciano on a quest to get his fat cock someplace wet and warm. He finds a willing bottom in Theo who sucks that fat meat and rides that fat meat until the juices start flowing. 

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Lee Silver

Silver Suit Daddy Lee Silver has got a lot going for him - Silver hair and Beard, beautiful daddy-bear body, nice fat juicy cock... He's got so much going for him we think you're gonna be going for him too in this hot solo scene. 

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