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Muscle & Fur

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Pantheon's newest movie Real Men Volume 28: Muscle & Fur has 8 sexy furry muscle dads.  These furry daddies use their rock hard cocks to fuck with a level of aggression that will make your head spin.

Directed by Chris Roma and Walter Romero

Running Time: 107 minutes

Release Date: December 12, 2013

Starring Allen Silver, Adam Russo, Ale Tedesco, Bruce Mills, Steve King, Marco Rios, Mickey Collins and Jake Marshall.


Allen Silver and Adam Russo

There's nothing like meeting a trick for the first time. Wandering the halls of their building, wondering - hoping - they're as hot as their pics. Once hot Adam Russo opens the door and finds Allen Silver naked on the bed, he KNOWS this is going to be a hell of a trick. Both men, get each other rock hard and suck each other's cocks and chew on each other's holes, before they both take turns fucking each other's sweet asses. This is the kind of trick we all wish we could have.

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Bruce Mills and Steve King

Furry muscle cub Marco Rios knows he's gonna have his hands full when he gets eyed by hungry bottom daddy Mickey Collins. He has no idea how much Mickey wants his hot Latin uncut cock until the two get inside and Mickey's mouth and hole open wide for all Marco can give him!

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Marco Rios and Mickey Collins

It's a meating of two sexy cultures when hot Irish daddy Mickey Collins comes across Latin hunk Marco Rios lounging at the pool. It doesn't take long for these two to head to Marco's room where he feeds hungry daddy Mickey his uncut cock in every place he can imagine. 

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Allen Silver and Ale Tedesco

Sex doesn't always come easy, even when you're as easy on the eyes as Allen Silver. Sometimes, you gotta work at it a bit - target your prey, watch him, get to know his habits. Then, when you know him better than he knows himself, you strike. And there's no way he's gonna get away. That's what Allen does when he sets his sights on hot Ale Tedesco. He watches, waits and then these two fuck with a level of aggression that will make your head spin. 

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Jake Marshall

Handsome Daddy Bear Jake Marshall really shows us what he's got as he strokes his beautiful fat cock and shows off his hungry daddy hole. Then he gives us a big fat creamy load, perfect for swallowing down your throat. 

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