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Business Affairs

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In Business Affairs, ten hot and hung daddies do whatever it takes to be the big gun on top. Sexy, furry daddy Lance Navarro welcomes his new German translator Hans Berlin to his hotel room with his huge uncut cock and Hans jumps right on the job. Rivals Jack Dyer and Ray Dalton get dressed down by their CEO so they show him just what they're willing to do for the team. Next, Peter Rough has got a problem with his hard drive so hot tech Michael Roman uses all the right tools to fix it. Brian Davilla's boss Trace O'Malley gets him up to his hotel room and makes him work his ass off for the promotion he wants. Finally, corporate realtor Ale Tedesco shows new tenant Dallas Steele some of the unexpected perks of the building. 

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Directed by Brian Davilla

Running Time 99 minutes

Release Date April 8, 2019

Starring Lance Navarro, Hans Berlin, Jack Dyer, Ray Dalton, Peter Rough, Michael Roman, Brian Davilla, Trace O’Malley, Ale Tedesco, Dallas Steele 


Lust in Translation with Hans Berlin and Lance Navarro

Hot big dicked daddy needs a translator, and the agency sends over muscled Hans Berlin to lend a hand and so much more.  Arriving at the hotel room, Hans finds Lance already stroking his massive cock, and can't wait to get his multi-lingual mouth all over it.  Of course, Lance can't resist Hans bubble butt, so he dives in with his tongue first, and then with his big prick. Hans takes it with gusto. No translation needed!

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Office Politics with Jack Dyer and Ray Dalton

Beefy Jack Dyer and sexy Ray Dalton are dressed down by their boss for not getting along,  and they set out to prove him wrong. After Jack goes down on Ray's hog cock, Ray serves his willing ass up for Jack to use as he pleases.  And boy, does he. After a thorough tonguing, Jack shows Ray who's really the boss.  After a long deep session, he plows his seed all over Ray's muscled ass.  This is one business affair for the permanent file!

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Hard Drive With Peter Rough and Michael Roman

Hot Daddy Peter Rough can’t seem to get his hard drive working, so hot muscled tech Michael Roman makes a house call to ram his hardware and get Peter running smoothly. After a juicy long blowjob, Michael gives Peter’s ass a wet tongue bath. Peter begs for Michael to stick that big dick in him, and Michael gives it to him in a long fuck in the hotel bed. You won’t want to miss this service call.

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The Promotion with Brian Davilla and Trace O'Malley

Brian Davilla is trying to make a good impression with his new boss Trace O'Malley, but even all his hours of overtime don't score him any points.  It's not until Trace puts Brian's hand on his cock does he realize what he has to do. Fortunately, that's something Brian can do well!  He gladly submits to Trace's hot cock, surrendering his assets to climb to corporate ladder!

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Corporate Housing starring Ale Tedesco and Dallas Steele

Sexy top Ale Tedesco visits muscled daddy Dallas Steele in his new home to sign the papers. Before he signs the papers, though, he wants to do the deed. He gives Ale's cock a great blow job, and then Ale gags on his big meat. Ale tops Dallas in a pre-cum dripping, load blowing scene where you can feel the chemistry.

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