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Big Dick Daddy Club

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There's a club in almost every town.  There are no signs for it and no ads in the papers. You may have heard rumors about it and if you get invited be sure to bring your ID.  But you'll need more than your driver's license.

It's the Big Dick Daddy Club and 8" is required to enter through the front door... or the rear. Once you're in you'll find a whole crew of man-meat using each other in every way they can think of.

In this hot movie, we were given exclusive access with  3 cameras to film all the hot goings-on during a special night of the Big Dick Daddy Club.  The spit and lube are everywhere and everybody fucks just about everybody else.

Welcome to the Big Dick Daddy Club.

 8 Men, 3 Cameras, 71 Inches of COCK.

A Pantheon Rough Cuts Production.  Amateur Action. No Plot. Just Sex.

Released September 5, 2009

Directed by Walter Romero, Running time: 83 mins.

Starring Rob Lawrence, Brock Packard, Evan Mansfield, Kegan Daniels, Peter Axl, Jay Taylor, Ceasar Calderon and Karl Williams.

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