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Bear Oasis

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Sexy Aussie cub Dan Rhodes is trapped in his car by a thundering winter downpour in San Francisco, dreading the soaking he’ll get when he runs to his house.  As he stares into the pouring rain, he remembers the summer before when he spent sweltering days dripping by the pool and at the dripping fountains of hot daddy bears.

Bear Oasis is more than two hours of masculine, bear-on-bear sex with everyone getting their greedy paws on each other.  Pantheon Productions has always featured sexy masculine bears in all our productions but in Bear Oasis, we focus only on the hairy, masculine men of every bear’s dreams.

GayVN nominated for Best Bear Film of 2008. Bear Oasis was also voted Best Bear Video of 2008 by, Best Bear Video of 2008 by 100% Beef Magazine and is on's top 100 Videos of 2008!

Released July 22, 2008 directed by Walter Romero, running time : 123mins.

Starring Dan Rhodes, Jeff Wells, Rik Kappus, Marc Angelo, Jake Mitchell, Truman Hunter, Clint Taylor and Rob Lawrence.


Jeff Wells and Dan Rhodes

Dan comes out of the pool to find hot bearded bear Jeff Wells sleeping naked in the sun.  Dan can’t resist the view and Jeff is awakened by Dan’s shadow. The two disappear into the Bear Oasis where Dan first warms Jeff’s cock with his hot mouth and throat before the two swap blows.  Jeff thoroughly enjoys Dan’s fat uncut cock (wouldn’t we all?!), before zeroing in on Dan’s oh-so-fuckable hole.  Soon he’s deep inside and gives Dan a hard pounding from behind.

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 Rik Kappus and Marc Angelo

Our focus goes to Rik and Marc, lazing beside each other poolside when Marc reaches over and gently rubs Rik’s furry belly.  The two sexy bears disappear from the pool to a soft, warm bed where they can rub each other even more. Marc takes charge by sliding down to Rik’s bulging trunks and sinking his mouth on Rik’s hard rod. Marc gives Rik a good old-fashioned fuck from behind to Rik’s delight. There’s nothing better than when two beefy, masculine men swap fucks and that’s what happens next.

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Truman Hunter, Jake Mitchell and Dan Rhodes

Dan takes a refreshing jump in the pool and when he comes up from the water finds he has been transported yet again to another pool in the Bear Oasis.  There he finds hung, furry daddy-bears Jake Mitchell and Truman Hunter lounging in the sun. The three bears begin their fun with Dan sucking first on Jake’s long 9-inch meat and then Truman’s fat one. Then both daddies spend a good amount of time licking and kissing and sucking Dan’s sweet man-hole. When it’s wet enough for mounting, Jake is the first to know.  He buries his beautiful cock in Dan’s gorgeous hole while Truman’s meat is buried in Dan’s warm mouth.  It’s soon Truman’s turn and he sticks his fat meat where Jake’s once was…

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Clint Taylor and Rik Kappus

Clint is a man who takes charge and has the fat power-tool to do so.  He orders Rik first to suck and then to show.  Rik does as told, first sucking Clint’s cock and later showing his muscle butt.  Clint likes to eat a meaty man-hole almost as much as he likes to fuck it so he works Rik’s hole to a glistening perfection.  But it’s all in the service of getting his pole in the hole and he’s soon inside Rik making him beg for it.  And beg for it, Rik does, first bent over a bench and later on his back.  Clint fucks so hard and for so long that he almost blows his load while fucking Rik, but pulls out at the last minute to drop an enormous 5-day load on Rik’s dick and belly.  Rik, too, shoots a huge load and the two lay breathless on the bench. 

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Rob Lawrence and Dan Rhodes

Dan got his fill – three times – at the Bear Oasis and this time he wants to get on the other side and use his pole for some fucking.  He gives Rob a hard pounding before grabbing onto Rob’s enormous cock and asking for it.   Dan soon learns why there’s the old adage, “be careful what you wish for…” as Rob works all 10 inches deep inside Dan, whose moans border that delectable line between pleasure and pain. As Rob pounds him, Dan’s hard cock pours its seed all over his belly and Rob jumps up and feeds Dan a nice, big load of juice right into his mouth.

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