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Men's Room

$ 10.00

There's a room dedicated to only men.  It's a room where men do what men do and that usually means they do each other!  In this hot movie, Pantheon brings you a hot four-way in a public bathroom, a hot shower fuck, a dirty urinal romp and a sexy fuck on a motorcycle. Cuz any room men fuck in is the "Men's Room."

Directed by Ricardo Quemaduras

Running Time 109 minutes

Release Date January 7, 2015

Starring Rex Silver, Josh Thomas, Clint Taylor, Dean Burke, Dominik August, Marcus Adams, Ron James, Lobo Al and Jay Wolf.


Bathroom Bang

When sexy cub Josh Thomas spies daddy Rex Silver draining his cock at the urinal, he wastes no time getting his hands on it, then his mouth... then his ass. But that's not all he gets. One by one, hot fuckers Marcus Adams and Ron James join the party and all take turns pounding hungry, greedy Josh. He takes a pounding from all three before he pumps out a load with a hot cock drilling him. Then he moans in pure joy as the three tops each blow their juicy loads on him. 

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Lobo Al and Jay Wolfe

Beefy Big-Dicked Bottom Lobo Al returns with a bang in this hot scene with Jay Wolf. Lobo's taking a hot shower waiting for Jay to arrive and when he does that get right to the dirty deeds. Lobo drops to his knees and drinks some of Jay's warm piss before these two sexy dudes get to some hot fucking. Lobo takes Jay's beautiful brown meat like a champ! 

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Rex Silver and Dominik August

Bathroom's can be hot. Really hot. Especially when a sexy daddy like Rex Silver is going into one and gives you that look. You know, the one that says I dare you to follow me. Dominik follow's and gets a bathroom fuck that makes his big fat cock drip with cum. Where the hell is that bathroom?! I'm there! 

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Clint Taylor and Dean Burke

Clint Taylor is back! In this scene, he spies sexy bottom daddy Dean Burke riding his hog and he know's he's gonna be riding that hog soon. It's not long before they're in Dean's garage and Clint is making Dean suck his fat bear meat and give up his juicy ass. These two fuck every way possible on that Harley until they both shoot out hot loads. 

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Rex Silver
Daddy Rex Silver likes to coach guys - encourage them - to be the best they can be no matter what they're engaged in. Here, he urges everyone to stroke their cocks along with him and does he ever have a great cock to stroke. Join him.


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