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Bear Week: Spain

$ 10.00

Uncut Spanish Bears. What more could you want to find than hot, beefy, hairy, uncut Spanish bears fucking and sucking for your pleasure? In these hot 4 scenes plus two bonus solos, seven hot bears show us how sexy Europeans do it!

Directed by David Romero

Running Time 110 minutes

Release Date March 31, 2015

Starring: Rodrigo Toro, Arturo Granadino, Trace Leches, LatinFuzz Robert, Jota Salaz, Alik Zanders and Oceanbear.


Blowjob Bears

Mmmmmm... Uncut Spanish Cock. Big Uncut spanish Cock. On furry muscled Spanish men saying nasty things to each other in Spanish in deep throated voices. Arturo and Rodrigo feast on each other's meats in this hot oral scene shot during Sitges Bear Week in Spain. Feast your eyes on these two hot bears. 

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Pocket Pool

Daddy LatinFuzz is playing pool with sexy bottom Trace Leches and a missed shot leads to a shirt coming off... which leads to pants coming down and cocks getting hard and holes getting licked. Soon LatinFuzz is fucking Trace all over the pool table until they both drop nice juicy loads. 

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Rodrigo Toro

A hung, uncut daddy bear emerges from the waters of Spain heading toward you. You stare, though you try not to. He sees you and smiles slightly, enough to tell you to come over. He strokes his huge thick meat as the waves crash around you both. Getting harder and harder until he has to blow... 

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Beach Bears

Our Spanish adventure continues as hung, uncut daddy bear Arturo sits on the Spanish coast feeling the warm sun on his furry body until something hotter comes along. And it doesn't get much hotter than sexy Jota Salaz. These two start getting hard on the beach before heading inside where Arturo practically rips Jota apart shoving his fat uncut meat in Jota's hole. Oh, those Spanish bears! 

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On The Rooftop

Alik and Oceanbear are two hot uncut daddy bears lounging on the rooftop terrace of their vacation home in Ibiza, nothing but lazy days ahead of them. But they're not too lazy to get their fat uncut cocks out and begin to suck and lick and fuck as the sun passes through the sky. Nothing like a good vacation fuck! 

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Arturo Granadino

We're moving to Spain if sexy daddies with fat uncut meat like Arturo are hanging out their windows. Sexy daddy bear Arturo works himself into a lather working his beautiful uncut cock for our viewing pleasure. 

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